"Influence" Is Within...
"Influence" Is Within...
Get The Step-By-Step Strategies Top Influencers Are Using Right Now To Dominate The Market You've Been Trying To Reach...
Get The Step-By-Step Strategies Top Influencers Are Using Right Now To Dominate The Market You've Been Trying To Reach...
Let Me Show You What To Expect At Ultimate Influencers LIVE!
From: James Smiley
Dallas, Texas

Dear Influencers and Entrepreneurs,

Unlike Other Events With A Bunch Of Random Speakers, This Event Is Choreographed Specifically To Bring Out The Influencer That Is Already Built Inside Each And Every Person...
Let Me Show You The Journey We'll Go On Together...
The theme of this year's event is:
"Influence" Is Within You...
Ready to FINALLY learn how leaders in your industry reach so many people so quickly? 

Ready to discover how people just like you have been able to quickly monetize their ideas?  

Do you want to become an influencer in that industry you're so passionate about? 

Then don't get left behind any longer...
...make sure you get a seat to this life-changing event!

Top influencers, from around the nation, will be revealing their secrets to how they discovered great influence from within and how they were then able to quickly scale and grow their business.

But make sure you reserve a ticket to this year's event!  We are almost sold out and you cannot afford to miss this event...
Stop Watching Others Become Mass Influencers!!!  
Isn't It Your Turn?
Morning Sessions... 
"The Art Of Technology & Social Driven Influence "
James discusses "influence" within the worldview of a technological and social driven economy. He shares 30 insider only hacks that allow companies to grow influence overnight. James also discusses how influence is more accessible than ever before in history and why it is so strategic to your growth and success.
James Smiley
"How A National Speaker Expanded His Influence By Leveraging Technology"
Steve Hays (a.k.a. Stevo) is a national motivational speaker and CEO of Happy Life Studios. He has delivered his message to over 50,000 people over the years. He'll be sharing how he's been able to experience growth and expansion by leveraging technology to influence more people.
Steve Hays
"How My Side Gig And Passion Turned Into a Global Company"
Stephen Parent is CEO of West Michigan K9 and has been a national leading sales person for various companies and been a strategic leader at Apple. In this session, he shares a powerful story on how he started a side gig during off hours, which eventually allowed him to quit his corporate job, is now seen as a global company providing it’s services for people and governments all over the world. His unbelievable story highlights the fact that influence is within the reach of anyone who wants to hustle for it.
Stephen Parent
"How I Turned A $35 Craigslist Ad Into A 6 Figure Mobile App Business"
If you think you can't turn an idea or side gig into a successful business, think again!  Jacob Reitzin, CEO of DudeINeedATruck.com started the 'Uber of pickup truck local moves" and his business has been booming.  In this session, he'll be sharing how influence is within reach of anyone with an idea and access to the internet.  
Jacob Reitzin
"A Dream Might Die But Destiny Still Lives"
Be inspired by this powerful story about how James influenced his son's life (who was born with half a heart and not given much of a chance to live). Learn how faith and an understanding of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) helped Zeke defy all medical odds. James also discusses how life’s biggest sorrows are actually refining moments that prepare to be an ultimate influencer.
James & Zeke
"Workshop: Outsourcing Your Life & Building Your Dreams"
Learn how top entrepreneurs and solopreneurs get more output from their life and business WITHOUT working more hours. In this workshop, we share how to find high-quality employees overseas that cost between $1 and $4 per hour, how to hire them efficiently, and how to manage them through automation and tools.  Stop doing tasks you don't like or tasks that take too much time...outsource to virtual assistants and watch your freedom and business grow.
James Smiley
"Workshop: Smartphone Influencer Hacks"
Discover how we create 100s of DVD's, CD's, and online courses just by using a smartphone. We also share our secret tools and accessories used in all our recordings. We'll also show you the proven secrets to attracting your clients and selling via livecasts (Facebook LIVE, Periscope, etc.). Plus, we share hacks to get a podcast setup instantly and we show you the 3 most popular podcasting business models that attract your ideal clients.
James Smiley
"Workshop: Hacks To Write A Book In 10 Days For Under $100"
Discover the hacks that enable anyone to become a published author in 10 days or less (paperback or ebook!).  After this session, you'll know the insider secrets that enable authors to write 100+ books per year.  There is a science to it and it works every time.  After you've been through this, you'll have no more excuses as to why you're not a published author like the rest of us.
James Smiley
"From Prison To Financial Freedom and Soul Freedom"
Get ready to have your mind blown. Jason's amazing story reveals how anyone can create massive influence no matter what excuses you think you have. Jason's younger life had him caught up with the law and he ended up in prison.  Now he's the CEO of a multi-6 figure company and he's living the life of his dreams because of his hustle, determination, and faith. Be inspired as Jason shares how he's influencing others and making a difference.
Jason Suttle
"The Social Media Hacks That 10x Our Influence"
Social media is like the Matrix (the movie)... unless you understand how to live outside the Matrix, you'll never be able to capitalize on the power and opportunity provided by these platforms. James shares crazy, hidden secrets used by some of the biggest companies and entrepreneurs in the world and he tells you how to approach social media to find your ideal clients quickly. The information provided in this session has James in extremely high demand right now...you won't want to miss this one.
James Smiley
"How Vision Enables Great Influence"
Eddy is a motivational speaker, life coach, and CEO of 4 businesses in the greater Seattle area.  
Eddy Dizon
"Coaching Businesses To Create Influence On A Local Level"
Over the last 10 years, Bryan and his teams have built 5 successful local retail businesses. Through economic ups and downs, they continue to find ways to influence and build real connections with new customers every day. In this segment, Bryan shares how he influences businesses to reach their peak performance and how having a heart of service will always keep them influential amongst their customer base for years to come.
Bryan Reynolds
"The Top 3 Business Models We Teach $25k Coaching Clients To Get Results Quickly And Build Massive Influence Right Now"
James reveals the three most productive business models his clients are using right now and tells you how you can copy and paste these into your life right now!  These business models include how to build 100k followers of Facebook, a 6 figure model that involves no website, and the most proven online marketing business model ever.
James Smiley
"The Power Of Influential Communication"
Using science and psychology, Brian shares 7 secret principles of effective presentation and communication to influence others to believe, buy, and bite.
Brian is CEO, Consultant, Author, & Professional Speaker. His company, Prospectivity, has serviced various Fortune 500 companies and he has business leadership experience from Silicon Valley To Singapore.  Brian has also been a semi-finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters.
Reserve Your Tickets To Ultimate Influencers LIVE
Nov 12th In Frisco, Texas @ Embassy Convention Center
Reserve Your Tickets To Ultimate Influencers LIVE
Nov 12th In Frisco, Texas @ Embassy Convention Center
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About James

James has consulted and helped drive innovation at 48 of the Fortune 500. He's sold over $210M in products before the age of 35, he is CEO of two companies and President of a multi-million dollar SaaS company. He's helped IPO a Silicon Valley start-up and has authored several books.

About James

James has consulted and helped drive innovation at 48 of the Fortune 500. He's sold over $210M in products before the age of 35, he is CEO of two companies and President of a multi-million dollar SaaS company. He's helped IPO a Silicon Valley start-up and has authored several books.
James Has Served These Companies...
James has been a speaker at: CTIA, CES, AT&T events, DFW Tech Form, Woman Of Dallas, BNSF events, & various high schools.
 - Wook Lim Samsung, Global Merchant Relations
- Maher Saab AT&T Innovation Center, General Manager
- Gadi Wolf  Intel, Director and #1 Ranked Sales Person Nationally
Ultimate Influencers "LIVE" Event FAQ's...
What are the dates of the "Ultimate Influencers "LIVE" Event?
Saturday, Nov 12th 2016 In Frisco, Texas. 
What is the venue for the event?
The event will be hosted at the Frisco Embassy Suites.
I'm trying to book my travel. What times do I need to know about? 
Event registration will start at 8am on Saturday, November 12th. The event will conclude around 5pm or just after that on the same day. 
Can anyone attend this event? 
Yes, if you want to have massive influence in any field or industry, then this "LIVE" event is for you! 
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event. If you signup with a guest, you do get a discount! Sign up yourself and your guest here. 
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Yes you may get a refund if we find someone on the waiting list to purchase your ticket.
And if for any reason I do not deliver and this event did not change your life and perspective on influence . . . then just send me an email within 24 hours of the event, and we won't charge you anything. Does that sound fair?
It's kind of like going to a restaurant and only paying if you love the food. Or going to a movie, and if you hate it . . . then you pay NOTHING . . .
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